Services Offered

Plant Problem Diagnosis
Diagnosis of plant problems and recommendations for treatment.

Lisa workingLandscape Maintenance Specifications
Development of Landscape Maintenance Specifications tailored to a specific project or site, which can be used to solicit bids from landscape maintenance contractors.

Landscape Monitoring Services
Regular site visits and reports to monitor overall landscape conditions. Oversight of landscape maintenance operations, fertilization and pest control services, tree care, and new plantings.

Tree Management Programs
Tree inventories, pruning guidelines and specifications, oversight of contracted tree work.

Landscape Plan Review and Oversight of Installation
Review landscape design plans and specifications for horticultural suitability. Can select trees and plants at nurseries and oversee installation activities.

Construction Planning
Evaluation of existing trees, disposition recommendations, and assistance with code compliance, permitting, and mitigation.

Tree Protection
Work with design teams to determine best methods to preserve and protect existing trees. Provide Tree Protection Plans for construction projects.

Tree Relocation
Provide specifications and oversight of tree relocation projects.

Tree Risk Assessments (Hazard Tree Evaluation)
Inspection and evaluation of the structural condition of trees and the harm that could occur if they failed.

Plant Appraisal
Valuation of trees and plants for insurance claims, casualty losses, or litigation.

Forensics and Expert Witness Testimony
Assist attorneys in legal cases involving trees and landscaping