About Lisa Hammer, RCA

Lisa in VancouverLisa Hammer is a native Miamian who was raised in the neighborhood now known as Pinecrest. Her family moved to Miami in the 1950’s to work in the airline industry, but as nature-lovers, they regularly camped and explored all of Florida’s wilderness areas. She attended Palmetto High School, then the University of Florida, where she graduated in 1981 with a B.S. degree in Agriculture. She majored in Fruit Crops, and earned a Certificate of Specialization in Tropical Agriculture. View resume

Her youthful goal was to work in developing tropical countries promoting sustainable agriculture. She enrolled in the Master’s program in Tropical Agriculture at the University of Hawaii, and worked in the Honolulu Zoo aviary caring for the plants in the bird cages. A year later she returned to Florida in need of “a real job” and accepted a position as an Urban Horticulture Extension Agent at the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service in [Miami-] Dade County. While working full-time, she attended graduate school at Florida International University and graduated with an M.S. degree in Biology in 1987.

It was during that time that Lisa developed an interest in landscaping and arboriculture and realized that she could still work with tropical plants and encourage sustainability by “thinking globally, acting locally”. Seeing a niche, she struck out on her own in February, 1987, and began her consulting practice. It quickly grew from a simple residential consultation to a highly successful consulting practice, encompassing a wide array of professional services

International Society of ArboricultureAmerican Society of Consulting ArboristsIn 1992 she joined the International Society of Arboriculture and became a Certified Arborist (#SO-0758). That same year she was accepted into the American Society of Consulting Arborists and became a  Registered Consulting Arborist (RCA #333). This elite status is only conferred upon those who meet rigorous standards and to date, she remains the only RCA in Miami-Dade County.

Lisa now lives in Coconut Grove with her husband, Brian Duplisea, and her consulting practice continues to thrive. She and Brian enjoy boating on Biscayne Bay and are members of The Coconut Grove Sailing Club. They travel often to the tropics and to visit Brian’s family in Maine.

Brian and Lisa at CGSC